Copying a drum, cymbal, etc. with all it's settings to another kit

Let’s say I have a great programmed preset kit and want to bring in the ride cymbal from another preset along with all of it’s settings (EQ, Compression, etc.). I remember hearing that there’s a cool way to do it but the process eludes me.

You can Right-Click on a channel fader and save a channel preset. This saves the fx, but I can’t recall if the kit tweaks (Tech/Modeling) also get saved.


I think you have to save a Kit Piece file also and that should recall your kit tweaks. Just make sure Include Tweaks is highlighted when you load the kit piece and you may want to uncheck Reset Slots and Mixer.

Screen Shot 2023-02-09 at 3.52.16 PM

For me, it’s easier if I have a main BFD preset where I like everything, I’ll just right-click on the kit pieces and swap each with another kit. Then save as a new preset.

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