Content path nightmare percussion light

Just bought and installed the Percussion Expansion. So far so good, at least most of it works and the installation data seems to be complete.
However, only 21 kits

are displayed, although there are actually 46.
One of them which is not found during the scan is “PER Seguiriya.bfd2kit”. And yes, it is in the right folder. I can still find the remaining 24.
Since BFD does not want to load them, I import them (Import Kits Menu).
Then I am prompted, see screenshot

Then save. This I will have to to with each single of the 24 still missing.

Even half the price is still too much to expect the user to pay for such crap. An interest in checking what you recycle is probably too much to ask.


Looks like the kits aren’t being installed for some reason but they are actually there in the payload folder.

Assuming you still have the Percussion installer in your BFD Drums folder, you should find the kits will be in, C:\Users\Comp\Downloads\BFD Drums\BFD Percussion\Installer\Payload\BFD2System\Kits

You’ll need to import them as they need to be converted into BFD3 kits.

So, open BFD3, go to File/Import Kits, and navigate to the above location and press okay.
It will ask you to choose the Kits folder in your user documents, C:\Users\Comp\Documents\BFD Drums\BFD3\Kits.

I prefer to have them with the other kits in, C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Kits.
So once they are converted I move them there.

You’ll need to rescan your user content once converted.


Hit Steve,

problem is, they are all installed in the same folder (BFD2). But only half are recognized. So I had to import them, which I did. See my post above. Btw. on Mac here, so the path is a bit different :wink:

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