Content manager open on BFD 3 open

I just updated to the latest public version of BFD and also got the replacement s/n for BFD2/London Sessions content. Scanned all the content paths no problem. The irritation starts when I now open BFD whether in a new session or an old one - the page to setup and scan the content paths opens. How do I stop this from happening? Did I screw up a setting inadvertently? I can close it no problem but it’s irritating having this happen.

Are any of your data-paths missing? If they are but they are still in the list, then this panel pops up as a reminder.

Double check the list to see if anything is showing as unavailable or missing, and remove it.

There is one path to BFD2 that has a ‘license!’ notation on the right side and it’s greyed out. If I remove that then several kits that are built on the Neil Peart Sonic Reality expansion lose their kit pieces. What’s weird is all the other data paths that have BFD2 in their path don’t show they’re missing a license. It’s just the Volumes/Samples/BFD 2/BFD2 data path that shows the license thing. And yes the Neil Peart kit shows up as licensed in the license manager.

Okay, it sounds like your data-paths are structured incorrectly.

Here’s how I would advise having things laid out.

Each folder should then have Audio>Manufacturer or Kit folder > Kitpieces > Articulation Folders

Ok - I’m on a Mac so I had to translate your Windows stuff. If I get you right I should NOT have the extra BFD 2 in the path? Just Volumes/Samples/BFD2 then?

edit for additional:
I tried what I wrote above. Moved all the 4 folders that were in the BFD 2 folder to the root of the Samples drive. Deleted all the data paths in BFD 3 and then had BFD rescan the samples drive. Still get the setup content page opening when I start BFD. Along with the ‘license’ notation on the before mentioned folder. Again if I remove that folder from the contents page I lose access to the Sonic Reality Neil Peart stuff.