Confused about midi dynamics functionality in BFD3

Hi I recently upgraded to BFD3 and am a bit confused by the dynamics options in the model (or is it tech?) panel.

Can someone explain what the three knobs do. The manual only has a short paragraph and I’m none the wiser… When I engage it the sound level drops even at the default settings. Is the scaler knob the same as the curve in the key mappings dynamics section?

Any help appreciated :slight_smile: I’m trying to tweak the Andy Johns kits to lower the velocities (which I used to do differently when I used BFD2). I’d like to be able to save the settings on a per kit/ piece basis from inside BFD

Also is the general dynamics knob (in the dashboard) just a simple addition/ subtraction of midi velocity or does it have a curve/ knee?

Also does anyone know a free / cheap midi dynamics plugin with more options than BFD has? Reaper has a basic one but it’s a bit limited.

On a happy note I just found 2 bonus 26" kicks in my new AFJ content. I obviously missed that update when I bought it 20 years ago!!! Feels like xmas :slight_smile: