[CONFIRMED] Some of my presets have gone missing

I have a large number of libraries in BFD that I’ve built up over the years. I’ve recently tried to get BFD3 up and running seriously after a while when I haven’t used the software and I’ve found that many of the drum kits and presets no longer appear.

To be clear, the individual drums are there. Its just the presets and kits that are missing.

How do I get them back?

I’ve tried customer support but everything I’ve sent to them has been ignored and not replied to.

It’s probably because your presets are from the FXpansion days. So check these folders:
OSX - Mac HD/Library/Application Support/FXpansion/BFD3/System
WIN - C:\ProgramData\FXpansion\BFD3\System

If they are in there, move them somewhere else on your machine, and then add this new location as a data-path in BFD3’s content locations panel.

Thanks for your reply.

In a weird twist, you’ve half solved the problem. My standalone version of BFD3 now sees all of the missing libraries, but my version that runs under Cubase does not see them. Unforutnately the one that runs under Cubase is the one I need to function.

I can’t explain why two versions of the same product have different reactions. Most of the files appear to have been authorised correcty so I’ve now got two versions of BFD3 - one that sees all of the kits, and one that doesn’t.

Any ideas how I can fix this? Thanks so far, its making progress.

Not sure if it matters but, is the Standalone and the Plugin the same version?

Thats a good point. I think there may be a discrepancy as migrating to the new operator of BFD3 seems to have thrown everything out. I recently upgraded the software and it might be I have two different versions running. I’ll check it later when I get time.

I’ve just checked. The version that seems to work is version 3.33, but the one that does not work is version 3.44

The older version must be looking in a different place for its files, or something is going on beyond what I can obviously see.

Any ideas?

If you’re using 3.3, that is an FXpansion version of the plugin, and is setup to look at the FXpansion resource paths that I posted above.

Basically - copy all presets and kits and custom keymaps from the folders here:
OSX - Mac HD/Library/Application Support/FXpansion/BFD3/System
WIN - C:\ProgramData\FXpansion\BFD3\System

To the folders here:
OSX - Mac HD/Library/Application Support/BFD Drums/BFD3/System
WIN - C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System

And then continue to use BFD3.4 and ignore BFD3.3.

If only 3.3 is showing up in your DAW, you need to remove BFD3.3 and install 3.4.

Thanks again.

I think I might have sorted it out. I ran a scan for the whole C: drive and this appeared to fix the problem. All the kits magically appeared after running the scan.

Its weird in that the program consistently starts from the location selection panel, but other than that it seems to be running okay.

My best guess is that it was not looking for the kits in the right places. I’m just crossing my fingers that nothing happens again to make it disappear, but for now I’m good.

Thanks to every one that’s tried to help. Problem solved, at least for now.