[CONFIRMED] Outputs Mono/Stereo

I thought this yesterday but forgot again.

Yes, 100%

He already has it! Sent it over to him yesterday.

If anyone else wants it, ping me.

@BFD_Drew Wait, the hot fix, or previous version?

The hotfix. And it seems to work very well.


Yeah, he sent it to me. I’ll try it out in a bit.

Hotfix seems to be working for me. No issues with custom saved output routing now. Thanks for the prompt fix.

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Hi, where can I get the hotfix?

Check your inBox. I sent you a PM.

Got it… and tried. Its working so far :slight_smile: Thanks a lot!! Now I can continue. Happy…

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I also suffer from this problem.
Can I try hot fix ?
My environment is Mac OSX.

It should stay, if for nothing else than Drew not having to spend the extra time reading emails, and sending it out/sending a link and people who need not have to jump thru three extra needless hoops just to access a fix.

Good post, FB, IMHO.

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if it’s stil in Beta shouldn’t be here as far as I understand? Otherwise it would have been announced in the public forum? I really don’t know as it was a small code fix as stated by Drew in the original post. Oh well we’ll see what he says…

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All technically true, but also its technically here being sent to askers from the public forum, so… who feckin knows? :slight_smile:

@Fender_Bender , are you in the beta testing group btw? Really feels like you should be if you arent.

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Heya, let me send it out please, so I can keep track of who has it :slight_smile:

@BFD_Drew That’s what I suspected. Sorry mate, just trying to help.

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Nah, no beta testing for me. I currently only have one solid production setup, so I’d rather keep everything on it always functional. I have a hunch that we have way more than enough beta testers currently anyways. :laughing:

That said, I don’t mind trying to help out here and there, or report bugs that I potentially find.


I’m also seeing this.

I was perfectly happy with 3.3 but suddenly started getting an annoying Demo Web API popup, so finally migrated to inMusic and 3.4.

Which busted the routing in all my projects.

I raised a support ticket 8 days ago which has been completely ignored.

I appreciate Drew and the team are jumping on it, but alongside various migration issues, it’s not been a great experience with inMusic so far TBH.

Just PM Drew for the hotfix. It seems to work fine and correct the routing issue.

All good, Drew’s kindly sorted now.

I’m having a similar problem. I was just typing up it up in a new thread when this thread came up as a related topic so I’m tagging it on here instead…

Recently upgraded to BFD3. There seems to be an issue recalling individual mono outs in the mixer for kick and snare channels only (weirdly).

When I revisit a project set up with multiple outs (kick in mono 1, kick out mono 2 etc) the kick and snare channels revert back to ‘kick’ and ‘snare’ outputs with their respective busses set up again in the BFD mixer, even though I already deleted those busses and set the outputs to individual (mono 1, 2, 3 etc).

This happens with reloading projects as well as reloading saved BFD presets (yes I’m checking the ‘load mix’ button with the preset).

I noticed the only way to delete unused kick and snare busses is with ‘delete unused channels’. I can’t remove them individually. It tells me kick or snare are loaded onto them even though nothing is routed to them (because I’ve set them to mono outs instead). Maybe this bug is related somehow?

The rest of the mixer channels (toms, hihats, cymbals, OH etc) do keep their respective individual outputs no problem (mono 5, 6, 7 etc). It’s only kick and snare that keep reverting back to ‘kick’ and ‘snare’ outputs and their related busses - even though I already deleted the busses.

I will keep investigating. I’ve only just started setting up multi out templates.

This is with the latest BFD3 version, AU or VST (same problem) on high sierra (10.13.6) in Reaper (latest).

It only takes 15 seconds to reassign the kick and snare channels to their mono outs after a project/ preset load, but it’s still a bit annoying.