[CONFIRMED] I own BFD2, but the libraries are not showing up in BFD3

I own a legitimate boxed copy of BFD2 and would like to use the BFD2 drums in BFD3. This used to be possible, but now it says that some drums are not properly licensed and so the BFD2 library is taken off of my list.

I’ve tried reregistering the BFD2 product in the BFD license manager software, but I’m told that the licensing has failed. It is a legitimate copy and I’ve used the license before, so this is something frustrating and baffling.

I don’t understand what is going on. What should I do to get the BFD2 licenses back on BFD3? No support queries are being answered by the people who make the software it seems, so I’m entirely reliant on the forums to resolve this.

Any ideas?

Please private message me your old BFD2 serial, and I’ll get you a copy of London Sessions, which is the replacement product for BFD2’s core library now. It’s the same content.




If you follow these instructions, you should not have anymore missing drums,
or having BFD take 2 minutes to disable BFD3 when inserted in Pro Tools (that’s how I knew ours was corrupted), crashes, etc. I was told that BFD2 is not compatible with BFD3.4., and that “London expansion pack” is the replacement for it.

DELETING ALL BFD FOLDERS (besides content)

  1. I first backed up Presets, at User > Documents > BFD Drums or was Expansion (copied entire folder with “kits, presets, maps”)

  2. Used BFD2 and BFD3 Uninstallers. Also used CleanMyMac to uninstall “Fxpansion License Manager”, to make sure it completely trashed.

  3. I went to all locations and deleted BFD files, such as the main Library >
    App Support > Fxpansion and BFD folders.

  4. As above, User > Documents…

  5. Then deleted all User > Library > Preferences for BFD and FxPansion.

INSTALLING BFD3.4 (don’t install any older installers)

  1. BFD was still not showing all my Expansion Packs in stand alone BFD3.4 under the
    “Library” button. Many drums were still missing, such as all the BFD3 drums said “0”.


  1. What actually fixed the issue (drums not showing and taking minutes to disable bfd plugin inserted in Pro Tools, was when I basically deleted all my content, and
    redownloaded each Expansion Pack and install it from the BFD License Manager. I ended up deleting BFD Rock Tambourines, BFD2, and BOMB (Marching Drums and Orchestral is the replacement for BOMB).


Mac Pro 2013
OSX Mojave 10.14.6
Pro Tools 2021.12
Interface 003 Rack

I posted fix to get BFD3 to work PERFECTLY. Delete all software, licensers, and sample libraries. Use new Licenser and start over!!!


Dear All,

I am in the exact same situation as Mirabilis. I have also followed the procedure posted by steve99, however my BFD2 libraries still do not show up. I guess I need to PM BFD_Drew as soon I find out how.


I’ve got all my libraries up and working again, finally. Drew was really helpful, and I’d recommend you get in touch with him if you need to get your BFD2 files back up again. You’ll have to find your old serial, though!


Drew contacted me and everything is now back on track. Thank you all !

Best regards,


Posting here so I can unlock messages so I can message Drew

Ridiculous hoop jumping @BFD_Drew

Here are the real rules for getting bumped to Trust Level 1 (you start at zero) which allows you to PM and grants other privileges.

Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message:
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Which is more efficient?

Hi BFD_Drew. Trying to reach you to receive the updated libraries for BFD1 and BFD2. I have all of the serial information as well as BFD3.4 installed. Apparently I can’t private message you yet. I’ll keep trying.

@chevaliermusic Read the post just above yours. It explains how you can acquire PM privileges.

I already messaged BFD_Drew. I saw the message - but actually only needed to wait a few minutes. But thanks for replying.

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Hi, I’m new here but I’d love to know whether it is possible for me to contact BFD_Drew somehow and find a way to use my BFD2 libraries with BFD3. Thanks.

Welcome. Scroll up 4 posts and there are the rules for getting your Trust Level upgraded. Pretty simple, you have to read posts for 10 minutes, and enter at least 5 topics and read 30 posts. Reading just means slowly scrolling by. Then you can click on someone’s avatar, Drew in this case, and there will be an option to private message them.
Happy reading.

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Just stumbled across this post! How do I private message you?