[CONFIRMED] Certain BFD products in LM show not installed despite installing

Certain of my BFD products (Jazz Noir and Virtually Erskine) show as authorized and registered in the License Manager (, but not installed. So I install them and they install fine, but they still show up as not installed in LM. The do appear in BFD 3.4.4, which scans them in content locator, and seem to load (I have them on an external HD), so it is not a big problem. But still a bit annoying. Running on Monterey 12.4 Intel.

This has been reported in a few other instances and is something Drew has said is being worked on.

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Yeah, it is a known issue that is supposed to be sorted out in a future LM release, but it’s completely visual and doesn’t affect being able to load expansions, as long as they’re authorized.

It has happened to me in the past a couple times, but recently it’s been showing all my products as installed and up-to-date… You could try re-installing the LM?

Thanks. I was just curious if it was a problem on my end. It’s done it on previous LM managers, but big deal as long as registered products authorize and show up in BFD.