[CONFIRMED] BFD3 crash report

This has happened now for quite some time, years actually.
Usually when working with BFD, Logic suddenly crashes, and this crash report pops up. I dont have this crashes on same templates but without BFD. It seems that it is BFD that causes it, but there could be more to it. Fx, I drive BFD through Logic on 1 stereo and 15 mono channels.

Logic crash report.rtf.zip (39.3 KB)

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Hi @Falkenlind,

Thank you for the report. I have some follow-up questions to help our investigation.

  1. Are you carrying out any specific actions when the crash happens? i.e. editing a particular section, just loading BFD, opening a specific window, etc.
  2. Which version of BFD and which version of Logic are you using?
  3. Which MacOS are you running?
  4. Does this happen every time you use BFD and Logic? Can you give a number out of ten to say how often it happens? i.e. Reproducibility: 5/10 times

Once we have this information we will be able to look into it further.

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Hi Logan

1: No. It happens in different situations(windows), but usually upon engaging PLAY, when DAW is running.

2: I always use the latest version of BFD3. Pro Logic 10.4.8

3: Catalina

4: No. It’s random. There seems to be no specific reason, other than it often happens when Logic is running and PLAY is pushed, so it plays from where I started again.

VH / Best regards
Carsten Falkenlind

Hi @Falkenlind ,

Thank you for the nicely written report. We shall investigate and be in touch should we require any further information.

Kind regards,

Hey @Falkenlind

Do you have multiple instances of BFD running at the same time in the project when the crash happens?

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Hi Joe

No. Only one, integrated into Logic with 15 mono+1 stereo. The Mono tracks are routed to a dry bus master with an eq and comp(native), and that is again routed to a drum master bus, together with ambience. Ive tried to remove some plugins, especially non native, but it still crashes logic one/two times in a session.

Hi @Falkenlind

Can I just confirm you are running BFD Could you also attach a Runtime log from one of the crashes? The location of the logs are:

Mac: /Users/Library/Logs/BFD Drums/BFD3/BFD3 Runtime.<date+time>.log

Win: C:\Users<you>\AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD3\Run Time Logs\BFD3 Runtime.<date+time>.log


Hey @Falkenlind

Is there any update on this? I’ve not been able to reproduce the bug on my machine. The runtime log could help us solve the issue your seeing much faster than trying to repro the bug ourseves.


Hey Joe

Sorry for the delay. And thanx for reaching out.

I’m not sure which one, so I took them all… :slight_smile:

Godspeed, hope they can lead to a solution 🙏
rebfdforumbfd3bugreportsunderreviewbfd3crash.zip (98.0 KB)

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Hi Joe

Thought I should let you know: The last couple of days, working with, there have been zero crashes…(so far…) :pray: :pray:

Crash report attached

BFD crash.rtf.zip (39.2 KB)

Hi everyone

BFD just crushed my Logic wen Im jumping between kits (sometimes its happen in Pro Tools too)

BTW is there any chance to disable pop-up window with confirmation when changing presets (its quite annoying) ?

Hey @VadimKorab

Could you please make a seperate bug report with the issue you are seeing? It’s far easier for us to investigate bugs, especially crashes, when they are reported separately with their own topic.

Kind Regards,