Closest BFD expansion to LSAD Giga


Do you remember the old Larry Seyer Acoustic Drums Gigastudio library? Which is the closest BFD expansion?

Thank you!

Isn’t that a collection of different kits?
115 kits according to this.


If I remember correctly, those many kits were actually one large set of drums played with sticks, mallets, etc. (no brushes), with different microphone options, tunings, in different rooms/spaces. The sound was outstanding, requiring very little effort to mix. I particularly used to like the snares, which had many hit zones.

I have read Larry Sayer retains the ownership of those recordings and is open to pack them in a current format. If released for BFD I would buy it again in no time.

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Yes I remember them being very popular at the time but according to a lot of people they were very draining on resources and some were running two computers in sync just to get gigastudio to perform.

I see in the video he said he’d never repackage them for kontakt and it doesn’t sound like he’s that willing to go to the effort which is a shame as they do sound good.