[CLOSED] Unable To Update to

I went through the migration steps. Overall, things seemed to go well. However, I noticed that some software elements needed to be updated including BFD3

So, I attempted to update to BFD3 and then got the following Alert: “BFD License Manager is running, and needs to be updated. Please close all BFD Applications and DAWS and run this installer again.”

I’m using the latest License Manager, Version, and all BFD Applications and DAWS are closed. I attempted this install several times and keep getting the same Alert. So, I am not able to install BFD3 I’m running Mac OS Big Sur 11.6.

I wonder if it’s a security settings question. Under System Preferences → Security & Privacy → Privacy, BFD3.app has Files and Folder and Full Disk Access. Is that the same on yours?

I just upgraded to Big Sur, and haven’t had any issues yet. I had a working BFD3 before the upgrade, same versions as you, so maybe I inherited a setting.

Under Files and Folders BFD is listed as having access. Under Full Disk Access BFD is not listed at all. I’m not sure if I should make an adjustment here or not or even if it is the root of the problem. I’ve never had to deal with these areas, but then again I’m just getting used to Big Sur. Thanks for pointing this out. I wonder if there are any BFD software engineers viewing this thread to offer some direction and suggestions?

Thanks again!

I just tried running the installer again under Big Sur. I got the error message you saw. I was able to get past it by making sure the LM wasn’t running.

Try rebooting so the LM is definitely not running, and run the installer again directly, but not using the arrow button on the installer. Don’t launch the LM first. Just mount the .dmg and run the installer.

I’m not sure where the default download directory is because I moved mine at some point. It’s probably just under Downloads. Or maybe Download/BFD Drums, or something like that.

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Hi @pacificm,

I’m sorry to hear you’re having problems updating to If you can try the steps that @kafka has outlined, and then let us know if they work, that would be gratefully appreciated.

If you continue to have problems I can ensure that this post gets attention from the right members of support that can resolve your issue.

Kind Regards,

Hello Kafka & Logan,

Yes, closing the LM did the trick. The BFD app is now updated and loaded. All of the expansion packs loaded with the LM open. It was just the BFD app itself that would not.

Thanks for all of your help!

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Amazing news, I’m glad to hear it. Going to close this thread but will leave it here in case others have similar issues.

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