[CLOSED] Is BFD's server down?

When I try to launch BFD3 on my Mac as a plug in with Logic X I get a Message saying “BFD3 has been disabled because you are not logged into your InMusic account. Please run the BFD Licence Manager”. When I click on “Launch Licence Manager” I get a message saying “There was an issue retrieving your list of products. Our server was unable to process the request. Please try again shortly. Server message:”
When I try to launch the standalone version I get a message saying "BFD3 has been disabled because An unknown error occured (sic) Please re-install BFD3 to resolve and contact BFD Drums tech support. Anyone any clues?

Try this. Log out from License Manager, and then log in from inmusic’s site via browser. Then launch license manager again and see how it goes.

Tried that, no joy. Still the same.

I hadn’t seen the user menu. Thanks.


But did it work? Inquiring minds want to know…

Hi @ChrisMarra

Yes, has your issue been resolved or would you like us to investigate further?

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Yes it worked thank you.


Hi @ChrisMarra ,

Glad you were able to resolve your issue. I shall archive this post.

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