[CLOSED] BFD3 not running on Mac M1

I already had BFD running (don’t remember which version) on a Mac mini M1. After doing the necessary migration stuff and updating to version BFD3 crashes instantly when opened (stack buffer overflow). And I get an instant DAW crash when I open the BFD3 plugin in Logic Pro.

macOS Big Sur 11.4
BFD Version:

BFD License Manager says that everything is ok.
(Btw, the License Manager doesn’t uninstall BFD. It cannot find the uninstall app.)

What is the cause for the crash?
Can I do something do make BFD3 running on this machine?

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Has this been fixed? I’m curious to know if you need an external drive to carry BFD samples, or can the M1 handle them on its own ?

Samples onboard or external does not depend on the machine. It’s just a matter of disk size and performance (data bus etc).

My question was, if BFD itself can run on the M1. This was not answered here in the forum, but someone from BFD support told me by email, that BFD is not yet compatible with the current M1 ARM chips.

Hi @peter_ostry ,

Thanks for the report, I have raised the issue, but it sounds as though it may be expected behavior for the time being.

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Hi @peter_ostry ,

Thanks again for the report. As you mentioned, it is expected that M1 Mac support is likely to be unreliable at this point, especially following the migration to the new license manager. It will be resolved in future update.

Kind regards, Clive

BFD is working just fine with Logic. Just remember to run Logic in Rosetta mode. As an alternative you can use a wrapper, e.g. Blue Cat’s Patchwork

Are you on an M1 Mac ? I want one but the BFD issue is a deal breaker at the moment.

Yes, I am on an M1 Mac. Almost every plugin that I use works without any problems. As long as Logic is running in Rosetta mode. More and more companies are now developing ARM versions of their software. Hope BFD will do the same!

I cannot confirm your experiences, neither for plugins generally, nor for BFD in Logic. The situation is different on my Mac mini M1.