Chocolate Audio as alternative

So I was looking at Chocolate Audio and their Particles Drums library for Kontakt looks like a good deal at the moment. The four libraries have been used in BFD too.

I thought they might make a good starting point for migrating from Bloody F**king Disaster 3 to other solutions. I don’t own the BFD equivalents so it would be new content to me, but knowing there’ll be a “BFD” quality to the drums.

Does anyone have any of the Kontakt versions? Would be nice to hear how easy they are to use. Being Kontakt I realise there are some limitations in what can be achieved at the finer level, bit to be honest I just want to get going with some good sounding kits and forget this whole debacle.

I’ll miss Horsepower and 8-Bit Kit for sure but it’s not worth aggro anymore just for those.

File this under “relevant, but not particularly useful atm” …

On the flip side of the coin, looking for alternatives to the Chocolate Audio kits in BFD. Using two of them on 3 full album projects and everyone has been quite happy with the way they came out.

But not a big fan of Kontakt, only installed the BFD3 versions which have been spiking the meters during playback, cannot get them to play all the way through a side without blowing up. To be fair, it could be some corner case between CA/BFD/DAW/PC but it’s only been an issue with these two kits. Currently debating whether to “invest” in the tarpit that Kontakt be and recreating multiple DAW templates or finding a similar sounding kit that will run under the current version of BFD. (gee, where -does- the time go…?)

The CA kits have run without this problem under a pre InMusic version of BFD but I have a lot of remote work coming up and not yet sure I can get this up and running on the laptop, so… might be another damned soul backed into giving Kontakt a try, will keep tabs on this here if anything useful comes out of it.

What I like about the Chocolate Audio versions is that it seems you can still crossgrade to the BFD versions at a later stage, so I could always get the BFD versions later if BFD Drums get their act together some time in the future.

Are the BFD versions even still available? Not sure what the difference was other than maybe some installation/integration optimization for BFD?

Looked into the kontakt versions (well YT only…) and strikes me as a more basic AD2 with limited mix/fx options and should support routing individual channels to tracks in your DAW. There are room/ambient channels in the one kit I looked at, so… might be an option if you use kontakt.

Although I have Kontakt I’m not sure it’s right for this type of thing, a dedicated VST instrument seems a better idea.

I’m saving the £100 this would have cost and putting it towards SD3 instead.

not buying kontakt has been a pretty cost effective move here :slight_smile: