Chocolate Audio as alternative

So I was looking at Chocolate Audio and their Particles Drums library for Kontakt looks like a good deal at the moment. The four libraries have been used in BFD too.

I thought they might make a good starting point for migrating from Bloody F**king Disaster 3 to other solutions. I don’t own the BFD equivalents so it would be new content to me, but knowing there’ll be a “BFD” quality to the drums.

Does anyone have any of the Kontakt versions? Would be nice to hear how easy they are to use. Being Kontakt I realise there are some limitations in what can be achieved at the finer level, bit to be honest I just want to get going with some good sounding kits and forget this whole debacle.

I’ll miss Horsepower and 8-Bit Kit for sure but it’s not worth aggro anymore just for those.

File this under “relevant, but not particularly useful atm” …

On the flip side of the coin, looking for alternatives to the Chocolate Audio kits in BFD. Using two of them on 3 full album projects and everyone has been quite happy with the way they came out.

But not a big fan of Kontakt, only installed the BFD3 versions which have been spiking the meters during playback, cannot get them to play all the way through a side without blowing up. To be fair, it could be some corner case between CA/BFD/DAW/PC but it’s only been an issue with these two kits. Currently debating whether to “invest” in the tarpit that Kontakt be and recreating multiple DAW templates or finding a similar sounding kit that will run under the current version of BFD. (gee, where -does- the time go…?)

The CA kits have run without this problem under a pre InMusic version of BFD but I have a lot of remote work coming up and not yet sure I can get this up and running on the laptop, so… might be another damned soul backed into giving Kontakt a try, will keep tabs on this here if anything useful comes out of it.

What I like about the Chocolate Audio versions is that it seems you can still crossgrade to the BFD versions at a later stage, so I could always get the BFD versions later if BFD Drums get their act together some time in the future.