Chinese Users have been Years can not connect to the Licence Manager of inMusic

it is so slow for u guys to solve the connection problem
is that so hard to take a new server to connect to china
we have been in angry emotion for spending the money for not working product
**it is 12/14/2021 now **
and the LM Still cant WORK !

Are you on the latest version of BFD3 and the LM?
It should have been fixed in the last build and is working here for me on BFD3.4.3.7


The same Chinese users are here. InMusic, please give us an explanation. When can you fix the network connection problem in China, you can’t connect to the server after buying the software, let alone download it, and you can’t get a refund. When will it be solved?

Many of our Chinese BFD3 users have tried all the methods that can be thought of, and the problem has not been solved.

We have also confirmed that there is no such problem in the FXpansion era

This is obviously a problem with the inMusic server

We are angry, please give us an explanation

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Have you tried contacting them at

That’s the official support route and not this forum.


Everyone in China should switch Drum Apps. This is beyond ridiculous. :rage: