Channels dont load

Just installed the Metal SN collection, and tried to insert them on a preset, but it refuse to load(visually) with the bottom mic. I can hear it, but its not there. It only loads(visually) Top 1-2 and side channels. I’ve tried all possible actions, save and load channel, but the only way BFD3 accept all 4 mics, is by resetting BFD3. A bit of a hassels since I rely on my own build presets. Any thoughts…??

Interesting, it’s doing the same thing here and also on the Wooden Snares

I can’t imaging the would ever record a snare without a bottom mic so definitely something not right.

I’ve got an awful lot of snares to check but will look some more tomorrow.

I’ll add it to the bug list too.


I’m guessing you’re loading the metal snares by using the browser on the left side?

Try loading the snare by right clicking on the snare in the kit view and choosing one from the ‘Drums’ menu.

Using this method the bottom mic channel shows up.


Also that fails. It´s bug. The bottom sn is there, audiowise, but you can’t change the volume since the channel don’t show.

That’s super weird. I can’t repro it here. I will forward to QA, cheers!

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