Channel clip indicator in mixer option

I think it would be helpful to have an option in Preferences, for the red clip indicator duration in the mixer view… Infinite (as currently) and 3 seconds.

I personally don’t always like to see them persistent, unless I need to for a specific task. It makes me think I’m running hot when I’m not and to get rid of them by clicking is not that easy either, so it’s very distracting and tedious to have to keep clearing the indicators.

Screen Shot 2022-07-27 at 4.21.47 AM


Upon digging around, I did find 2 keyboard shortcut options in Preferences to at least, clear clips from channels. So this will definitely be helpful for now to quickly get rid of clip indicators, but still I think it would be cool to have an option for a 3 second duration.

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Have sent to devs as feature request. Doesn’t seem too bonkers to add.

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