Change Library Option Greyed Out

Hey BFDr’s

When I right click a pre-set in he preset browser the ‘Change Library’ Tab is greyed out, any ideas why? Or how to get it activated?


I’ve never actually used that function, what does it even do when it works?

Mine is greyed out too


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It’s there so that we can put user presets in Libraries.

For example here I’m about to move the Fibes Too Punchy preset to another Library I created titled Old School.

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Why isn’t yours greyed out I wonder? :thinking:


Because these are user presets, in the user library.

You can’t change factory presets. They’re gray. But user presets, you can create as many libraries as you want (using “Enter Library Name…”, not a good description), and then swap presets around them. Have a rock library, jazz, deep, tuned, mixed, whatever.


Aha, I have a lot of presets listed in my user preset library that are actually factory presets but for some reason BFD3 doesn’t recognise them.

It’s really annoying and something Drew says he wants to address in BFD4.
I use a utility created by a former user called, BFD3 metadata editor (Release Release Candidate 2 · burillo-se/bfd3me · GitHub) It allows you to batch edit presets which is really useful and a feature that could/should be integrated into BFD3 in much the same way as the BFDLAC tool is.

Trouble is, every time BFD3 wants to rescan the library, all those changes revert to being the mess they were before. :face_exhaling:


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Ah ok, so it will only work with presets I have made myself, I see that now, so what irks me is that I have presets imported from the oak custom pack that do not (no matter what I try) show up in the usual ‘Presets’ browser, so I had to manually import them, but they can’t be changed from the user folder into anywhere else as the ‘change library’ function will not highlight for them… painful.


NOT awesome

and not all of them work either, here’s another one I created a year ago:

It really is all bit iffy, I renamed one of the ones now to test something out, renamed it in the presets folder, then when I looked in the user presets folder in the app, the image was missing from it and it could not load, to be expected, I then imported the renamed one and I didn’t show up, so I edited back to original name, it loads fine but the image in the browser is still missing. Yawn.


I see why, it’s looking for it in the docs folder where it was imported to, man it’s gotta be easier than this…


We’re on this boat for years and still scratch our heads, now imagine someone just starting out…

Lol, it baffles me how incredible this piece of software is, the complexity of progging it etc, but a simple thing like this just won’t play ball, it’s just a path and creation of new library… but nooooo.

I love how complex this tool is, I really do, but stuff like this should be 2 clicks away from satisfaction.