Certain Presets Crashing BFD EVERY TIME

Hey there,

I’ve searched, and not seen the specific problem I’m having. It goes as follows:

I bought and downloaded a new expansion (Modern retro) after installing it, I realized I couldn’t see it in the “find” filter under the presets, and I also couldn’t see Cocktail. So I followed the instructions that were listed on the inmusic site for finding missing presets. And they all showed up, which was great!

Except, if I select any of the presets for Cocktail, and some of the presets for Modern Retro, instant crash with Kit selected. With both Kit and Mix selected, it only crashes some of the time.

Anyone else have experience with this?

Also, both Cocktail and Modern Retro seem to be BFD2 packs.


Does it happen when trying to play audio, or just loading the preset and clicking on Kit? If the former, you could try deleting artic tweaks files for the expansion. You’d have to go through and delete each artic tweaks file for each kit piece, unless in the case of knowing which one is problematic.

If the latter, maybe try saving a preset as a .bfd3 preset… I believe those older expansions would probably still come with the .bfd2 preset format.

Did you grab that Modern Retro on sale today? It’s a great one.

Not Sure why your presets would be BFD2 ones.
Sometimes if you use the, file/import presets/ BFD3 will convert them as it imports them.

If that doesn’t work then I’m uploading the BFD3 versions below.

Is it the presets that crash rather than the actual ‘Kit’ presets, if you know what I mean?

There are only two KIT presets with the cocktail kit but lots of great presets.


Modern Retro & Cocktail presets.zip (3.6 MB)

Just clicking on the preset with only kit button selected. Instant crash.

Yes! I got Modern Retro yesterday for $18! Woot!

Digging around in the BFD application support folder, I noticed a few odd things:

For one, there’s a BFD eco folder. I’ve never had BFD Eco, and all the folders were updated yesterday, when I had installed Modern Retro and started down this path. (And what is in the BFD Eco folder? Looks like only Cocktail and Modern Retro!) Weirder, the BFD Eco Folder doesn’t appear in the content location paths.

For another, there are A LOT of files in the BFD2 folder, not just the Cocktail and Modern Retro presets/mixers/kits. This seems odd to me, as I never owned BFD2, so I’m assuming some of my expansions came in as BFD2?

This is all a strange gordian knot! Thank you for your help!

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Thank you for these! I’ll try chucking them into the folder today and get back to you.

See my response to Fender_Bender for a further explication of the situation.

The fact that so many of my expansions seem to be in the BFD2 folders is very strange, since they have all been downloaded via the license manager since the release of BFD3. And the fact that these same kits and presets are in the BFD Eco folder is also strange.

Oh, if they’re in BFD2 folders that shouldn’t be an issue. Under ‘Add cotents’ there’s a button that says 'Add BFD2 paths.

If you find the actual preset files themselves they’ll say either BFD3 or BFD2 at the end on their name.


I have not had the chance to write about something simulator happening to me with 8 bit kit presets. I will try and see if they are registered as BFD 2 kits tonight.

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8 it kit presets are all BFD 2 - how do I go about converting them to BFD 3?

Just load them up (if possible) and save as a new preset. It will save in .bfd3 format.

I tried that but it still goes silent shortly after I press play. Not sure what to do now. It seems of that everything else is working so well on an M1 Mac.

Hi everyone, I know I started this thread, but all this shit happened and I haven’t been able to get back to it til now. Sorry.

So, I haven’t really spent all that much time with the inner workings of BFD, so at dealing with this stuff, I’m a noob.

But here’s what I have determined so far: The issue seems to be every time I try to specifically load a BFD 2 preset without checking both the kit and mixer buttons, it goes kablooie. 100%; if they are checked, then it’s like 10% of the time.

So digging around I realized that there were both BFD2 and BFD3 Presets hanging about from various kits. If I try to load any of the BFD2 presets, KABLOOIE. However, if I remove the BFD2 path entirely, whole wads of presets just disappear. (Cocktail disappears entirely, some of the others only partially.)

Steve63 kindly sent me the BFD3 versions of Cocktail and Modern retro, so I can, at least, load them (as long as I’m keeping an eye on the pathname and not pulling up the BFD2 versions.) But, again, if I remove the BFD2 path, I don’t see them anymore.

I’m utterly flummoxed, frankly.

@Wheever Just move whatever .bfd2 presets you’re not using to a folder somewhere (not in BFD3 directories) and re-scan User and System paths to clear them from the browser completely. That way you won’t have to second guess which format is loading.

The presets I sent you can be moved to your default preset folder.
If you’re on windows that will be; C:\ProgramData\BFD Drums\BFD3\System\Presets

Not sure where it is if you’re on a mac.

If you, ‘load preset from file’ and then save it, it should convert it to a BFD3 preset.

It sounds like that’s not working for you though and to be honest, it’s a long process if you have to convert them all one at a time. I think the, ‘Import Presets’ used to let you load older BFD2 and BFD1 presets but now it only lets you load BFD3 presets.

Could you upload some of your presets that are crashing here?

I can send you more BFD3 presets to replace yours if you like.


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