Can't login and cannot therefore Authorise again!

WTF is going in with all this. Suddenly I cannot open BFD!! says it’s not authorised and there fore I can’t finish the work I am working on!!


Then on the one occasion I do get through… it says Authorisation failed.

When this happens:

  • Close your BFD. Plugin or standalone
  • Launch license manager.
  • Go to menu User and Log Out.
  • Then, again User and Log In.
  • It takes you to inmusic’s login via browser. Login from there.
  • You should be logged in now in License Manager. Authorize what needs authorizing.
  • You’re probably all set.
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Yes, this is exactly what I was doing after having to do previously.
It was not working.
Half an hour later. It worked

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It’s not quite the process I used.

Open the LM and log out, then close the LM
Now open your browser and log in to your inmusic account.

Close your browser and open the LM.
You should now be logged in.

For some reason the LM doesn’t always connect to your browser and therefore can’t log in and authorise BFD3 and it’s contents.


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There was a glitch. I was unable to connect, and I never have an issue with it. I assume Sunday maintenence of some kind, although that doesn’t necesarily mean BFD.