Can't load install BFD version 3.4

I have attempted to load BFD 3.4.7 several times. Each time I get a message that BFD can’t be loaded because I don’t have the latest license manager version. I have loaded the latest version and still it dosen’t work. What should I do?

Check what version of the LM you have.
It should be
If it’s not then you need to download it from here

There was an install of BFD3 that had the older LM embedded.


@Steve63 Afaik, the current BFD3 build still reverts the LM back to, at least in my recent experience.

Yes, that’s why I’m suggesting to install the LM afterwards.


Ok. I thought you were implying the current public build no longer reverted the LM.

To be honest I wasn’t sure if it was the current build or the previous one so I was hedging my bets. :wink:


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