Can't download BFD3

  • Steps to Reproduce: Open BFD License Manager, click on BFD3, Click on BFD Content Installer, click Download. Switch to Downloads.

  • Expected Result:: After verification, download starts.

  • Actual Result: After verification, download fails and shows “W files failed to download properly”

  • Reproducibility: Always

  • Additional Notes: Just provide us with a direct link, obviously the download manager is not working. I’m on a MacBook Pro 16" with M1 Pro, on macOS Monterey.

Can’t reproduce here, the download manager is working as expected on windows 11.


Thank you for your reply.
Actually this only happens on my new mac. I’ve downloaded it from my old mac, still on my possession and with macOS 10.15 Catalina. However, in the new mac, nada.

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Is your new Mac an M1 chip?


Yes it is, an M1 Pro

Seems odd that it would be the cause of your issue but BFD doesn’t currently support the MI.

If you’re on facebook, have a look on their BFD page as there’s a better explanation than I can give from @BFD_Drew


This below is taken from the BFD Users Group.

To be clear - we’re developing native M1 support, but it is taking quite a bit of time. The current version of BFD will work under Rosetta, but we have seen reports of it not working for some people. The next build fixes that. It’s to do with the authorization system not being able to find the auth files.

Once that is fixed and the build is out, it should work for everyone at that point. But it will still require Rosetta for the time being.

Hopefully we can get native M1 support in Q1 or Q2 of this year.