Can't connect to server

I cannot download the latest version of the license manager (see above), and the version I do have [] cannot make a connection to download any of the BFD Drums products I recently purchased. So — I can’t use BFD3! [And yes, I can connect all servers I normally use, i.e. I have an internet connection. I’m running a 2014 iMac with 11.1 Big Sur and would use Ableton Live 11 if I could download the products.]

I’ve spent a pretty penny on this and would love to be able to start using it. Suggestions? Thank you!

Not sure where you’re trying to download the LM from but it should be here.

If this link isn’t working what error messages are you getting?
Could you try downloading from a different browser perhaps?


Good news: the cdn . inmusic . com server started working again, and downloads resumed.

In answer to Steve63 & for posterity —Steve63 is correct that the LM link is located on bfddrums . com site — thank you — but the link itself points to — that was the server that we could not connect to yesterday. Luckily it’s up again today! Cheers.

Hi @natsims

I’m sorry to hear that you were unable to connect and download, but very glad that’s been resolved for you now. If you have any further issues please don’t hesitate to let us know, but I will close this topic now.

Kind Regards,