Can't change the download path in BFD License Managerer

I want to change the default download path in BFD License Manager from:
C:\Users\Computername\Downloads\BFD Drums to another drive.
I do not like to use the applications drive to store large sample libraries on.
Going to “File-Options-Download location” in BFD License Maneger I get:“Cannot change while downloads are running”.
But no downloads are running and I just seem to get stuck there.

Jan Kristensen

I just tested this, I closed all downloads from the downloads tab, then I went to preferences which is under the main BFD License Manager menu at top left of screen and it allowed me to change the download directory.

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That’s not for the libraries themselves, but the installers. So, after you’ve installed them to your location preference, you can delete those from your C:drive.

I’ve had this error before as well when trying to change download location. X-Out, any running downloads in LM. Quit the LM. Double-check and make sure there are no BFD3 downloads files actually in that location (in Explorer) and delete them (if you no longer need them).

Launching the LM again, you should then be able to change the downloads location.

Just to note… if you use an external drive for BFD3 downloads and you don’t have it connected whilst running the LM, it will revert back to the default download location.

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Hi Guys!

Thank you very much.
That solved the problem for me.


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