Can't Authorize Third Party Expansion

Hello fellow BFDers

Purchased “Evil Drums” recently via Platinum Samples.

The expansion needs to be authorized via BFD License Manager per the instructions provided by Platinum.

It’s been installed, and it’s location is correctly scanned within “content locations” where BFD itself indicates “License!” with a button.

Pressing it brings up License Manager, but Evil Drums does not appear at all and is therefore inaccessible. Can’t use it at all.

Any thoughts on this?

I did try to register the product by copy / pasting the serial into License Manager - however “serial number failed validation”. It’s not invalid, it’s literally copy pasted from Platinum Samples.

Message BFD_Drew and he can add the license to your BFD Drums account so it will show up in the new license manager.

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I’ll definitely do that - thank you

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I have the same issue here

Message Drew for a BFD Drums serial for your expansion. the old FXPansion ones WILL NOT WORK

Old thread, I know. I can’t message Drew for whatever reason. Any advice?

Keep posting in threads here. you need so many posts before you can PM

Or bat signal him @BFD_Drew and hope he/anyone from inMusic/BFD PM’s you.

Its a bit of a convoluted system, which is appropriate I guess.

Redownload and reinstall the pack.

PLEASE stop spreading this misinformation. It’s wrong and it just fills the forum up with garbage posts.
Here are the real rules for getting bumped to Trust Level 1 (you start at zero) which allows you to PM and grants other privileges. Thanks!

Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message:
Get to trust level 1 by…
*** Entering at least 5 topics**
*** Reading at least 30 posts**
*** Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts**

By reading they just mean slowly scrolling by a post. This is set by the Discourse software (not BFD) to keep spammers out. So in just 10 minutes, following the rules above, you will be able to PM Drew. No posting necessary at all.


The root cause of the issue is new users joining because they cant get support to respond adequately, and finding support comes by messaging Drew and that means having to go thru these Trust levels every time with new users.

Personally, I’ll try and remember to re-post your post from now on, but as usual, this is a convoluted situation that has its root cause at BFD/inMusic HQ via support being quite lacking.

Hopefully, this will improve over time, but its been a while and no updates about improvements in support have appeared and there is still an influx of new users frustrated with support.

Discourse Trust Levels should not be needed for basic support.


If you want support without waiting 10minutes for the standard Discourse anti-spam measures to lose their effect, then you can email

And potentially wait weeks for a response, only to have a copy/paste answer that doesnt solve anything, get more frustrated, then have to come here and figure out the Discourse Trust Levels things because they’ve never been here before, and then more frustration for anyone else trying to help…

And round and round we go.


I want to thank you girls for your censorship. Peace

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I fully agree. But as it stands this is what people need to do. Basically people are accidentally doing this while making a bunch of useless posts. It just makes sense to know the rules and do it efficiently rather than stumbling around and getting there by accident.


Very true.

But the fact still remains that this keeps happening again and again and look at BFD’s response, no effort to change things for the better, not even lip service to say they’ll adjust things, just a snarky post saying ‘email support then’.

Its not down to customers or forum members to resolve this issue. Its not down to anyone having to remember to give out the right way to contact BFD. Its their issue to resolve. Things dont change if forum members are constantly having to pick up the slack or making excuses for it being just the way it is. No beef with you at all, but its not us that needs to be more efficient here.

Im a customer, not a paid mod.

I’ve messaged Toontrack a number of times over this last few weeks. I’m not even a customer of theirs (yet) but they’ve got back to me within 24hrs, no copy/paste, no ignoring me, no having to jump thru hoops, no having to figure out yet another forum just to get an answer.

Let alone having to find a way to email a boss of the company…

While giving out that email address, maybe reflect on how you referred to support privately and how much use you personally think that email address is.

EDIT: I’ll be gone in 10 days anyway, so not long to go.

I wasn’t being snarky.

I’m always here to assist. People just need to wait 10 minutes for the spam deterrent to expire. It’s pretty simple, and to my knowledge all discourse forums work the same way.

You’re entirely correct. It isn’t down to customers or forum members to do technical support or resolve issues - people do it because they want to do it. However it has to be said, this is primarily a user-to-user support forum. The support staff don’t currently do support here, but I am looking at getting that changed.

Please don’t assume that I am not constructively working to make things better in the background, because I am. All of the time. I just don’t post about it here, for obvious reasons.


Honestly, for the sake of your own health, I hope you do get support staff here, because the above is demonstrably untrue and support staff do regularly chime in here.

User to user might be how the forum is intended to be, but whats happening day after day is one of the bosses is having to step in to do customer support or forum users having to step in to explain how to send one of the bosses a PM. You know, like this thread is doing, again. This very conversation is the same thing, again, talking about how to get in touch with a boss. Thats not user to user, thats user to owner.

None of that is making this a primarily user to user support forum.

No they don’t.

There is me. I’m not technical support, and it isn’t technically my job to do it. Although I do it because I want to do it.

There are members of staff who are part of the beta liason team, but their job isn’t technical support either. Their job is to communicate with beta testers, and release beta builds and all other things to do with beta-testing.

There are other members of staff who are part of the QA team, and their job isn’t technical support either. Their job is to reproduce bugs posted, confirm if they are real bugs, get the details, and log it and send it over to me or the developers.

Technical support is a specific division within the company, who own the responsibility of providing support across all of the brands that inMusic owns. They aren’t BFD specific, which is possibly why turnaround times are not to our liking. I’m dealing with that, behind the scenes.

And I’ve already explained to you before, Product Owner is a job title. It doesn’t mean I am a “boss” !!!