Can't Authorize Third Party Expansion

Hello fellow BFDers

Purchased “Evil Drums” recently via Platinum Samples.

The expansion needs to be authorized via BFD License Manager per the instructions provided by Platinum.

It’s been installed, and it’s location is correctly scanned within “content locations” where BFD itself indicates “License!” with a button.

Pressing it brings up License Manager, but Evil Drums does not appear at all and is therefore inaccessible. Can’t use it at all.

Any thoughts on this?

I did try to register the product by copy / pasting the serial into License Manager - however “serial number failed validation”. It’s not invalid, it’s literally copy pasted from Platinum Samples.

Message BFD_Drew and he can add the license to your BFD Drums account so it will show up in the new license manager.

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I’ll definitely do that - thank you

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I have the same issue here

Message Drew for a BFD Drums serial for your expansion. the old FXPansion ones WILL NOT WORK