Cannot export audio drum tack

Hello, I’m having issues exporting a full drum track audio.
London Sessions
On Win10

I have my full track completed but when I try to export it works until reaching 100%. I’m exporting all tracks which is a 48 tracks setup from an Oblivion (Face full of smack) preset with some slight modifications.
I can see track files from 1 to 39 are “populated”, file size 25mb each. The other 8 files are present but at 0kb. Now I’m waiting since 30 minutes, writing on a SSD NVMe drive… should not be a writing speed problem. I have 250GB of free space btw.
If I hit CANCEL it begin a stopping procedure (waiting for job to cancel) but it remains stuck. If I close BFD3 it closes normally saying to save or I will lost all modifications.
I’ve been able to export all tracks deleting the empty files and exporting again only the missing tracks… not very nice but it works.
Thank you for any advice or fix!

Having the same issue here (Standalone and Protools). Cannot export multitracks at all. All files exported are very small and I also have the issue of the export window getting stuck on the stopping procedure. The software is now useless for me, I always edit the tracks on Protools. Not a happy bunny!