Cannot Connect to licensing Server

It appear that BFD licensing service is no longer working.

I have a fresh install of BFD3, no legacy BFD2 on there.
The system was working, until I needed to get some actual work done and now the content has all been removed and I can’t relicense.

Downloaded and reinstalled BFD3.
Ensured LM was on the latest version.

I don’t have time for this.

Did you try logging out in the LM, closing the LM and opening your browser to log in that way?
The close your browser and open the LM and see if they are all licensed.


Yes, I tried that, after going and wondering if we should take a class action suite for all the lost revenue and time amongst users, but now all my groves are Unlicensed.

It appears that spamming the rescan button now eventually fixes it.
However, I can’t trust this software so I need to look for an alternative it seems.

And obviously BFD3 and the LM are the latest versions?

I’ve had this before a long time ago but can’t remember what caused it r how I resolved it. :thinking:


Yes at the latest versions.
Its caused by the licensing system simply not working well.
However, I have lost 3 hours of productivity on this.
Better stop posting now, or given the mood this has put me in my account will get banned.

Thanks so much for the quick reply.

Are you on windows or mac?

You could try fully uninstalling if you haven’t already and then if you’re on windows, checking
C:\Users\YOU\AppData\Roaming\BFD Drums\BFD3 and deleting anything left before reinstalling.


Hey Steve,

Now I have had my project delivered I managed to get back to this to respond.
Thanks for the help.
Feeling much more positive now.

Resolution was (it had to be in this order)

Log out of LM
Uninstall BFD
Reinstall LM
Sign In
Reinstall BFD (Left overnight)
Spam rescan about 20 times.

this has happened a couple of times, but now just signing out of LM and signing back in resolves it.

I didn’t have to clear any appdata out, only because I didn’t read the post till after I fixed it though that would have been a good idea.

I suspect, that If I had cleared the appdata then perhaps a straight uninstall/reinstall would have worked.

I tried the Uninstall/Reinstall, didn’t work
Tried signing out and back in didn’t work.

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