Cannot authorize BFD3 expansions

I just re-installed BFD3 on a new computer. Works fine. I only downloaded the core library again (which seems to be necessary). I did not download the expansions since these were already on my computer. BFD recognizes these expansions but tells me to authorize.

The licence manager does not automatically get the serials from the inMusic website. When I try the enter the serial manually, as requested, it is not regonized.

What to do? Thanks.

Couple of things, are you on the latest version of the LM?
It should be v

You could try logging out, closing the LM and then logging in via your browser.


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Hi Steve,
Thanks so much…I didn’t see the login via browser. Turned out that I had an old license manager. I downloaded the new one from the inmusic site. Then started the LM, logged in via browsers, and all expansions got authorized.

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Yes, “FX License Manager” is the old one. The new one is “BFD License Manager” and should be used by all customers from now on.