Cannot alter window size

Just updated to 3.4. In both stand alone and as plugin in Cubase, the app won’t go to full screen. Has this changed, or am I missing a configuration that I don’t seem to be able to find. I would prefer it to take all the real estate sometimes.

So you can’t adjust it in standalone either?
That’s very odd.


Did you use those to resize?

Screenshot 2022-05-12 at 11.43.57

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Thanks guys. the buttons @denagersmith pointed out takes care of the issue. Can’t believe I have not noticed those before. Works standalone and in Cubase. That is a rather crude implementation of window sizing though.

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Yes they can be elusive, I guess they take some getting used to, but remember, BFD is not a window, it’s an app, well thats my opinion anyway lol, personally prefer them to the usual window resizing we have all grown used to on pc’s.

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Yeah, and it’s roughly 9 years old at this point!

Future versions of BFD will obviously be way more modern.

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