Can you tell me a little about this software?

I have never purchased or used BFD. I have only used EZ Drummer. I would like to ask if BFD puts a limit on software activations? Do you have to activate the software after you install it, or is all you have to do is enter a serial number?

Is the interface fairly straightforward to work with without being too complex?

How do you guys like the software?

Thanks for answering, as I may consider purchasing.

I believe there is a limit to activations. You get at least 2. There is a License Manager that lets you add your serial #'s, activate and download content. It will verify your licenses around every 90 days, so you need to have internet.

If you’re coming from EZ Drummer, BFD3 may seem a bit overwhelming at first and it can be a steep learning curve, but well worth the effort. It comes with a bunch of stock presets and grooves to get you going. There is no comparison to EZD. BFD3 sounds like real drums.

I love BFD3 and you will too. I came back a couple years ago after using Steven Slate drums, which is similar to EZD and I noticed the sound quality difference straight away. Sometimes it can be quirky, like a lot of audio software, but there is no equal for this price-point.

Fxpansion used to own BFD3 and made some tutorial videos for it. You can search their YT channel.


What if you run out of activations? Can you email the company and ask them for a few more and will they give them to you?

Yes, you can email tech support.

It says in the system requirements Windows 10, but I was wondering if it will run on Windows 8.1. I’m thinking it will.

You will have to re-activate the software every 90-days regardless of having bought a lifetime licence. Something to be aware of which no-one has mentioned. A sort of subscription system where you’ve already paid for it in whole. Kind of weird and not user friendly.

Personally I would upgrade EZ Drummer to Superior Drummer 3.

Windows 8 would probably work I guess, but it’s not supported so any technical issues will be your own problem to deal with. Windows 8 was terrible anyway, any reason not to go 10?

BFD is old software which means the GUI and workflow can be a challenge, with a frankly terrible company behind it (inMusic). I do not say this lightly, but as someone who has used this for nearly 20 years, but I would remiss if I didn’t tell you my experience as a long-time user.

@Fender_Bender did mention the current 90 day licence requirements.
There are hopes to extend that 90 days to 365 so fingers crossed.

I’m pretty sure it will only run on Windows 10 * 11 now and I’m not even sure if it will install on windows 10.
I am pretty sure it won’t run on windows 8 but give it a go.
I would strongly recommend upgrading to windows 11 if you can still get the free upgrade which I think you can.

As a long time user myself, I still feel that, as old as it is, BFD3 still much better than SD3 in terms of souynd and features.


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It’s run only under Windows 10 now, i confirm.

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OK, I missed that in his reply, still just as well to reiterate it for new users who may operate offline DAWs or just don’t want intrusive citizen checks/data mining.

As to any hopes for this software, inMusic have blown all credibility with me on that front (refusing to engage with me via emails) and I do not live on hopes, only what is actually before me here and now. What I see right now is not very good.

I have not seen much good from any of the IPs they have bought. Their pattern of acquisition of dead brands that once had good names is obvious and their treatment of what they buy is consistent (consistently bad that is). Even the idea of a yearly check that you think is so positive, stinks. Once bought, it’s yours for life. I see no need for inMusic to periodically check up on me or acquire my data.

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Thanks for all of your input. I am thinking about upgrading to Superior Drummer 3, even though it may be a little overkill.

I am quite happy running Windows 8.1 and for me it works without any problems whatsoever, so I’m not too keen on switching to Windows 10. I cannot run Windows 11 because I have an I7 processor which is not new enough to run Windows 11.


I’m curious. If you have EZD, but SD3 is maybe a bit overkill, what exactly are you looking to get out of a drum vsti? What is it about EZD that you don’t like, or feel limited by?

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Isn’t SD3 something like 300GB in total?

That’s pretty overkill if you ask me.


It may be compressed though so it might not take up 320 GB of space. When I make an image using Acronis it says about 28 GB, but when the image is done and I look at it in Windows it says 7 GB.

I don’t know if I like the EZ Drummer interface as much as the Superior Drummer interface. And Superior Drummer comes with a lot more grooves too.

I’ll have to think about it.


I’d rather have overkill, ease of use and a supportive/active company. The Groove section alone looks far beyond BFD3.

Superior Drummer3 is 41GB for the basic install or 236GB for the complete installation. You do need an extra 41 - 55GB of free space during installation though.

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I also quite like Addictive Drums. I have been experimenting with it as it came with my soundcard, and it is quite a nice addition to SD3. @Fender_Bender I don’t think BFD3 sounds any more realistic than SSD, just different. The overall feeling of all these VSTs varies to my ears, and their usefulness depends on the project I am working on, and my mood.

To my regret, BFD3 has been in the freezer for some time now, as it has not been functioning out of Rosetta. I have sadly grown used to BFD3 ill-functioning time and again after every Mac upgrade, so I need alternatives. So, I don’t use BFD3 as a serious VST-option anymore, but I am still hoping that one day I can run it natively on M1 without any problems. True, the standalone does work.

I am hoping that progress is finally being made here… If/when it works again, I will be quick to forget the more than a full year of dysfunctionality, honestly.

Honestly, BFD3 is a great buy if it works, but note the condition here: if it works.


I will stay far away from BFD. I’ve read too many bad things about it. I’ll stick with EZ Drummer or maybe get Superior Drummer sometime in the future.


Bfd sounds great and natural but it’s better you upgrade to Superior as you already own EZD. I do not love the fact to re-authorize my bfd thru internet so I go back to my Native Instrument’s Drum and redescover them. Now I use more Kontakt with additional drum sounds also. ( VQ drum for ex. is very great)

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