Can you run previous versions on a BFD 3 license?

Hi there. My apologies if this has already been discussed, I did search but couldn’t find anything, maybe I was searching the wrong thing.

Is it possible to run BFD 1 and 2 on a BFD3 licence?

I have a load of old and unfinished Cubase projects using older versions of BFD created with a friend who is sadly no longer with us and I’m finding it incredibly frustrating trying to go back to these projects and having to go through every piece in BFD3 to find out which bits of kit were used and trying to match the settings. As you can imagine, it would be so much simpler if I could install the older versions and either use them as is or take notes of the settings.

If not, can you even still purchase previous versions? Which would be annoying after spending so much money on BFD3 and the expansions.

Either way, thank you kindly.
Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Drew :slight_smile:

The short answer is no, BFD1 and BFD2 themselves aren’t supported by any company on planet earth. They’re EOL products.

The longer answer is that BFD2 presets can be loaded into BFD3, with the caveat that some people are having issues with crashing. Others aren’t, but it’s unclear why and how it’s happening, so maybe it will work, and maybe it won’t. You can edit any preset file in a text editor, so if you can figure out what bits and pieces are where, etc., maybe it’s in some way, with effort, recoverable.

Thank you for taking the time to reply, Kafka :slight_smile:

That was something I was worried about as the kits were never saved as presets, he always just loaded the pieces he needed per project and just saved the projects as a whole instead of saving the kit presets as well.

Oh well, I guess I’m in for a whole lot of trial and error.

Thanks again.

most (all?) of my bfd2 preset crashing issues were fixed with the last bfd3 update - some rare good news :slight_smile:

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I sent you a PM. ok…

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Hi Everyone! First time here, first time writing.
I just upgraded to BFD3 and I’m very disappointed that no BFD1, 2, or expansions can be authorized. I was led to believe, by all online marketing, that it was possible, but apparently it’s not the reality.
I have both the license manager for BFD3, and the license manager for FXpansion.
I’m also finding the InMusic website to be quite useless. I tried multiple times to submit a request for assistance but nothing happens.
I’ve used BFD for 13 or 14 years. Always loved it, and always recommended it. But I’m really regretting this update so far.
Sorry for the negativity.
Any advice?

@GregV You have to email @BFD_Drew with your inMusic email address and your BFD 1+2 serial numbers from FXpansion. He will add their equivalent products/serials (Eldorado+London Sessions) to your account. Then you add those new serials to the current License Manager and download the new content. You cannot use the old FXpansion BFD1+2 sample libraries with the new version of BFD3. There is a sticky on this forum with your problem.

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Thank you for the reply Fender_Bender! (Cool handle! :wink: I work for Fender in Japan)
I found the thread you recommended and contacted Andrew. Great to know that there’s a solution!
Thanks for your support!

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Nice. Japan Fenders are among the best. Hope you get all your BFD libraries up and running.

I have a very early 80’s Japanese Squire Jazz Bass that can attest to that.

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Nice to “feel the love” from Fender_Bender and GunCityStudios!
Thank you Gentlemen!

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