Can you record audio using BFD player?

Hi all,

Super new to music/drums and have just picked up my first electric drumkit (Alesis Nitro Max) and installed BFD player. Everythings working great, I can connect my kit, hear all the sounds, play some drumless music and jam along.

My question is how can I record these sessions to share? The Alesis has a record button but pressing it doesn’t seem to yield any recording on my PC. I’ve looked for some guides but all seem to pertain to using additonal hardware (maybe thats mandatory?).

Long story short, can you record playing with BFD or is there a simple way to do so without purchasing additional hardware?

Any help would be much appreciated!

Hey @LB92

I’m sure other people on the forum can make other recommendations, but i’d suggest you check out Reaper. It’s a really easy workflow to use and has a long free trial period. There is plenty of tutorials on their website and on youtube. You could easily record your sessions with it.


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I would also suggest Bandlab by Cakewalk.
It’s completely free with no time limit.


Than you both - I’ve tried both Waveform and Cakewalk now but still running into challenges. I’ve learned they both need a plugin to produce sound in a DAW regardless - been trying to use BFD but running into challenges. My input sensitivity seems really low, especially on my symbals. The hits barely register - don’t have this issue locally on the kit.

Is there anyway to amend velocity in BFD?