Can you help me which articulations that are in the expansion packs. It not clear

Hi i want to know what articulations that is in the expansion packs. It’s not documented only for some expansions, don’t know why. I have try to look on YouTube or google but I can’t find the information. Can you that have these expansions write here witch articulation is in the expansion you have. I’m most interested in the snare articulations and hi hats.

How about you tell us which expansions rather than us having to guess?


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This FAQ section sometimes has information on expansions you might be looking for.

Most of the hi hat articulations are going to be similar through the expansions. I think Dark Farm is the only one as of now that has an extra zone.

Yes i just bought dark farm but haven’t tested it out yet.

The things I wanted to know was mostly the hi hats articulations and how many open hi hats steps there are in an expansion packs. Also how many snare articulations there are. I am interested in all expansion available on bfd site.
But when a read the information on the link you posted the information is uneven.

For some expansion there are information about the articulation on others no information.

London sessions

“ ## What articulations are included?

  • Kicks: snare, no snare
  • Snares: hit, half-edge (half-way between the center and edge), sidestick, rim, drag
  • Toms: hit
  • Hihats: closed, 1/4-open, 1/2-open, 3/4-open, open (for tip and shank), pedal (foot-chick)
  • Cymbals: normal hit, bell, and edge where “

For example Imperial drums don’t have information about included articulations.

So if you own some expansions can you specify the articulations for it?

It is important information for the customer before they buy.

Strange that they didn’t specify it in the FAQ page for the expansion packs. The information should be the same for all the expansions they sell.

Imperial Drums (Modern Retro too) is a Chocolate Audio product, I spoke to Simone a couple of years ago and he told me that he needed to get together with BFD/Inmusic people to define the future, because Chocolate Audio is pretty good what they do, the Black Album’s is also made by them.

And it’s been 2 years and nothing, you can even check their site and there even aren’t BFD3 extensions anymore except one pack. All are Kontakt now, and if you go to the description, for instance Modern Retro has a list of Articulations but Imperial doesn’t :confused: . You could write to Chocolate Audio and Inquire, don’t mention BFD3 ask the same question for the Kontakt libraries. Or, yeah, better idea, took me 10 mins here (if blurry, open on youtube):

As a general rule, snares and hihats are the ones with most articulations, where crash and splash can be only hit and choke, rides have bell and edge. Toms may have only hit and choke, but some have rim shots.

Have they even released anything new for Kontakt though in recent years?