Can not authorize

Support request unanswered. Unable to use my purchase.
License manager says too much simultaneous authorizations reached. Maybe, as it requires authorization constantly…

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I have the same exact issue with no response from support

somebody was kind enough to post this for me recently when I had the same question:

Here are the actual requirements to reach trust level 1, which is what you need to be able to PM. Not sure how this needing to do a certain number of posts thing got started but that’s not how it works. Do the 3 items listed and you’ll be able to PM. Takes 10 minutes of browsing/reading. Cheers.

Here are the official rules for getting bumped up a level so you can message: Get to trust level 1 by… *** Entering at least 5 topics** *** Reading at least 30 posts** *** Spend a total of 10 minutes reading posts** By reading they just mean slowly scrolling by a post. This is set by the software (not BFD) to keep spammers out. It works pretty well.

thanks a lot lambro !!!

I got Inmusic support on the phone and he reset my authorization