Bogren Digital offering free version of Krimh Drums

I get the feeling Bogren saw what BFD just did with the Player and made them join the party of offering drum VI’s with limitations. However, it seems lacking in available free features, compared to BFD Player, or Steven Slate Drums for that matter. No routing to DAW, mixer/fx and a very small amount of MIDI files.

Metal music and drums are obviously not for everyone out there, but that kinda seems the biggest market/demand out there from what I see. I think BFD could’ve maybe even been better off having a metal-inspired kit for the core library to reel in those users, but still versatile enough to use in other genres.

Regardless, this business model is good to attract potential users who will purchase the full product and give them a chance to see what it’s all about, without having the time constraints of a demo.

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Hehehe, yeah I noticed that. I actually grabbed it today to checkout. Someone else did a freebie thing recently too, but I forget who it was.

According to surveys we’ve done in the past (before the inMusic acquisition) Rock, Pop, and Metal were the top genres for drum VI’s.

We’ve got metal, funk, jazz, country, and other genres planned. We don’t want to map things exactly to a genre, but they should be good guidelines for what a pack can do for you. The snare tuning is a biggy and if there is one thing I’ve noticed is, people will gladly write off the freebie core library (even though it is a full 5gb kit, absolutely rammed with detail!) purely because of the snare tunings.

We’ll probably do some snare packs in the future too. Wooden Snares and Metal Snares did really well in BFD3 land.

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I thought the snare in the core library was fine. I mean we have so many tools today, that you can pretty much mold any sound to fit into what you’re doing (if you know how). Taking risks with non-typical sounds for a genre can help separate you from the pack anyways.

As an aside… I actually used some Krimh drums grooves for a Bogren contest. I didn’t have time to enter, but I hadn’t made music in months and I was inspired. They gave you the drum stem and the MIDI to use. I couldn’t pass up the chance to use BFD Crush, so I pulled the MIDI in and mapped everything as best I could. Maybe mine aren’t as big, fat and compressed sounding as Krimh’s, but I think it sounds more natural and fitting for my track. I’ll post it when I finish the mix.

Contests could be something that BFD could throw around every once in a while.

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I saw it a few days ago, also grabbed it to check out, all I will say is, for a person with no resources wanting to have their ‘metal’ sound like every other band out there, it’s not bad, but as you say the free version lacks all sorts of needed functionality, I guess it’s ok for people with nothing. BFD all the way for me still, I have a ton of drum vsti’s, bar one or two, I never use them, all purchased or DL’d for free solely to check them out because I am a geek. BFD slays everything, purchased and free versions.

If BFD player (free) came out when i was first getting into VSTi’s many years ago, I would have been happier than a pig in you know what. BFD3 still my favourite, gotta say I think the move with a free player and those outstanding core kits, was top notch, I bet every bedroom muso and his family are all using it already, I would be without a doubt.

There some cool ones for sure, they can be tweaked and there’s no excuse nowadays for a crappy drum production, no excuse. But BFD really is on another level still, SPECIALLY the sounds of the kits, always has been the best for me.

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Another freebee, can’t help noticing how similar they all sound, it’s a great time to be alive in the world of vsti’s, specially freebee’s. BFD still Rules.

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Wy did we make Krimh Drums?

Because when you combine the experience of a prolific producer like Jens Bogren together with a young drum genius, Krimh, you get a fresh and modern drum instrument that sounds natural, punchy, and vibrant.

And then, we made Krimh Drums Free because everyone deserves their songs to sound the best they can.

Get Krimh Drums Free, completely free of charge, and instantly add a whole new level of awesomeness to your productions!

Just want to jam? Grab your guitar, and use the included MIDI grooves.

*And then we made Krimh Drums Free because we saw how BFD Player being free, made some noise after it’s launch.

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We’ve got other shenanigans afoot too.

I’m not sure that is a real sentence, but I know what it means!


Making something cool like a drum vst for free, is super awesome, but limiting the hell out of it is super sad and kind of greedy in my opinion, here’s a loaf of bread, but you only get one slice, stare at the rest of the loaf even though you’re starving and can’t afford it hahah.

I know people need to make a living too, but seriously…

got hit with another one last night, super cool piece of gear but look at this, wtf… If I want to play less (per annum) I don’t get the full features, fkn lame imo…

KRIMH drums has been out for how long? It started at $119, I am already receiving emails for a discounted price of $79? It hasn’t even been on the market long enough to make an impact yet? Maybe I don’t understand how all this stuff works, but that’s not the way to operate in my opinion.

I think it got released late last year.

I tried that site to convert some Bogren grooves, but it wasn’t lining up right. I just manually made my own to work with BFD.

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So many on the market now, have you seen these, the work with kontakt, if you’re in the market for metal I can see why they would be attractive. Drum Libraries – MixWave

Here’s another interesting one:,any%20limitations%20of%20a%20genre.