Big Sur Compatibility

Just wondering if the next version of BFD3 is being tested for Big Sur compatibility. I’ve been patient with holding off on the update, but given that Monterey is just around the corner, I’d like to get moving on this. BFD3 is my last piece of unsupported software.

It’s working great here on Big Sur 11.6

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Which BFD3 do you have? v3.4.2.4?

It says v3.4.2 build 4 64bit

OK, so the current release. Excellent. A few folks around here have the next beta.

I generally have fewer issues than most of the installations people are reporting on, so maybe it’s worth a gamble.

Did the upgrade to Big Sur today. So far, so good! Nothing amiss found in BFD v3.4.2.4 so far.