BFD3 - Workarounds & Known Issues - UPDATED 27th JUL '23

Hey BFD3 Users,

Before you raise a bug for BFD3, please check here in case its something we already know about and are working on. Hopefully we’ll have a workaround for you while we work on bug fixes!


The BFD Team

Known issues

  • Logic ‘An Audio Unit plug-in reported a problem …’ crash
  • Standalone crash on startup
  • Some Kit pieces cause crash when auditioned


These things are not necessarily bugs, and are largely caused by old code in our software that we are working on updating and improving.

Logic ‘An Audio unit plug-in reported a problem’ crash

  1. Launch Logic and create a new project
  2. In the menu bar at the top of the screen, click on Logic Pro> Settings> MIDI…
  3. Untick the MIDI 2.0 box
  4. Add BFD 3 as an instrument to that project and it should now be working correctly.

The Logic crash is caused by the combination of having an arm64 mac with macOS 13.4.1, and Logic 10.7.8 installed. As mentioned above, this is an issue that effects a huge number of third party AUs. We are hoping they will update Logic imminently, but we are working on a fix internally in the mean time. There is a real possibility of old projects being effected by this so please avoid Logic 10.7.8 if at all possible.

Standalone crash on start up

  1. Remove any external audio devices from your computer and launch BFD3
  2. With BFD3 still open, plug in your external audio device
  3. Open BFD3s audio preferences by clicking BFD3 in the menu bar at the top of the screen and go to Settings>Audio preferences
  4. Press the refresh button in the audio prefs and it should update to the correct audio device

Some Kit pieces cause crash when auditioned

  • If a drum/articulation ArticTweaks.xml file has “-inf” value for loudness calculation, it will often cause the engine to spike out in the mixer, or to crash. These values can be manually patched out, or the artic tweaks file can be deleted and then the drum reloaded, and the values will be recalculated.
  • One thing to note - BFD Percussion has an issue where some drums have empty channels. This results in “-inf” values ALWAYS…. this needs to be fixed by our content team.