BFD3 VST3 Plugin?

Any progress on BFD3 VST3 Plugin as we are on the clock for VST2 obselescence with the originators of the standard - Steinberg.


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I agree with you.
Why after all these years of VST3 software developers haven’t made the move yet?
Any develop from BFD side?

As a Cubase 12 user, I can no longer use BFD3 as a plugin, so all the investment lost. Really disappointed that the companies turmoil’s appear to be destroying the customer base as the program sounds are good, but that’s not much use if you can’t plug it into your mixes without investing in a DAW which continues to run old standards. The VST standards after all originated with Steinberg and if they see the obsolescence in the standard the writing is on the wall for those companies not adopting VST3.


I’m curious to as a Cubase user…

Same, if there is a VST3 version of the M1 compatible plugin in beta form I’d consider joining to test it out. My workflow has been without BFD for months now.

I just bought Cubase 12 for its pitch and alignment capabilities. Not really too concerned about BFD3 compatibility since I also run Studio One and other DAWs, but…I suppose it says as much about Cubase as it does BFD3 if they leave so many people out in the cold. I mean, Reaper still has 32 bit bridging. Why? Because they know that it matters to some of their enduring customers.

That said, I’m sure BFD4 is going to evolve in that regard and that going back in to redo v3 is probably a non-starter, economically, just as it is to redo their authorization scheme.

I just tested BFD3 in Cubase 12 tonight and it worked fine. PC. Windows 10. Stereo output. Just a quick test. But it made me return to your statement — are you on a Mac? I haven’t installed Cubase 12 in Monterey yet.

As far as I can tell the only time you cannot run BFD3 in Cubase 12 currently is if you’re using it in M1 Native mode - in which case, the lack of M1 support defeats you before their lack of VST2 support!

You can still currently use VST2 in Rosetta mode with Cubase 12 on M1 Mac.

Going to have to retest then. I’m on Intel Mac latest version of Monterey and Cubase 12. Not Native M1 user. I was also getting no 32bit support warning messages.

From what I am reading here it implies BFD vst2 plugin should work?

Can someone confirm what the latest version of bfd3 is as I would need to check that also?


Latest public build is

Thanks for info.


why reply with this in a vst3 discussion? seems that installer only installs vst2 and standalone.

Thought I created this topic for discussion under BFD3-Feature Requests regards BFD3 and VST3 progress.

ah… i just read the topic and didn’t pay attention it was a request? my bad. and btw i was replying to the bloke that posted the recent update lol i have built a new system and am not putting vst2 back on if i can help it and bfd3 is the only plugin currently as a vst2 :frowning: with the one exception… a plugin feed to an outboard analyzer


I’m guessing because they had asked this?

No problem, Im not too familiar with Forum operation and etiquette so doubt myself nearly every attempt at post. I too want the BFD3 VST3 as Im trying to eradicate VST2 from my system, to ensure Im moving forward. If BFD3 is too slow to catch up with current standards then I may soon look elsewhere, which would be a pity due to time and money invested.


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I only have bfd3 left as vst2 then it’s all gone.

Hopefully it gets a move on.