BFD3 (VST2) and Cubase 13

Those who had many worries (me for one) that Cubase 13 would not run BFD3 VST2.

After taking the plunge to Cubase 13 the worries seem to be over.

Old Cubase projects with BFD3 VST2 opened and played back without any glitches (hope I’ve not spoken too soon?).

That being said - I’m on Windows, so I can’t comment on the other systems, and I’m not too sure how long it (Cubase and VST2) will be supported for?

By the way - well worth the upgrade price (for me anyway) for those on Windows wishing also to take the plunge to a hopefully not unlucky thirteen.

Good job I’m not superstitious.

The wait for BFD4 begins.