BFD3 vs. SD3 Regarding Grooves

I have both BFD3 and Superior Drummer 3. I chose BFD because I was very impressed with the quality of their samples. I chose SD because of their grooves. I am not a drummer and am very dependent on grooves. I would like to use BFD more but keep reaching instead more for SD because of their large number of grooves compared to BFD.

If you’ve worked with both apps you may have had a similar experience. So, I’m, wondering if anyone has any suggestions on how to increase the groove options in BFD?

If so, please let me know. Thanks!

Groove Monkee! Oddgrooves. Looploft. GetGood Drums. Anything done in General MIDI can be dragged into BFD3. Platinum Samples has some in BFD format. There’s no shortage of grooves for BFD.


I’ve had some success using Jamstix 4 (which uses AI to create grooves/patterns) to drive BFD3 which has much better samples.

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I think there’s software out there the does MIDI extraction for drums. I haven’t tried any yet, but I think it’s a really cool idea. There are tons of loops out there. It could be a fun way to build up a collection.

(Just my opinion): I don’t think that grooves should be the reason for why you choose to use one drum VSTi over another. As has been mentioned, there are a LOT of places to get 3rd party grooves from and I find that the existing ones are already pretty extensive. That said, I do play V-Drums, so I don’t really have much use for grooves anyway. But still, I would think the sound of the drums is the focus, not what they offer as MIDI files. In that regard, I think BFD3 is a good catch.

See if you can run superior drummer as your midi input with no samples loaded and output midi instead of audio so that bef can play off the midi outputted from SD. Make sure you use a SD key map. Not 100% percent sure this works, but this is how it is done with jamstix

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