BFD3 v3.4.3.7 - BFD License Manager Not Responding

BFD3 v3.4.3.7 and LM 3053 on Windows 10

I got the ol “BFD has been disabled because you are not logged in to your inmusic account please run the BFD license manager”

The LM opens a blank white window headered: BFD License Manager (Not Responding)

Can’t uninstall. Reinstalling gets same result. Redownloading and reinstalling gets same result.

I messaged tech support. Got a lightning-fast response telling me to run license manager because every 30 days it needs to reauthorize yadda yadda and some stuff I already knew that they would have known I already knew had they in fact read my message. I immediately replied that LM is not responding. Radio silence ever since.

When this product is useable it can be awesome but it seems designed primarily to stifle creativity. I still have one expansion pack that has never worked after Drew helped me with two serials and authorizations about 6 months ago. My last message I said one kit still does not show up. Never heard back. Then I guess I gave up. This all takes way too much extra time and effort just to access and use things I already long ago paid for. Giving up is where I’m at now. Ready to cut my losses and switch to a reliable, useable, accessible product. Times are rare I get to work on Music. BFD3 consistently ruins those rare times.

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