BFD3 v 3.2.3 update to BFD3 v

BFD3 v 3.2.3 update to BFD3 v

How can I update my registered Products?
I have an account:
My user name is Logitronic
I’ve installed the license manager and I’ve got an inmusic account user name Udo

Thanks. Udo Dinkelbach

I’ve found a solution in the forum.

Don’t, sit back and relax and watch, the time will come, I am not sure it is now.

I updated from the same a while back, cant recall exactly why, but I quickly went back to

Now I’m just sitting on the sidelines waiting for the right time.

That’s just my advice, from my experience, and the experience of others that I read here, your experience may be different. Best of luck to you.

Please see the knowledge base article here:

got the Horesepower Expansion for free after the full migration