BFD3 Serial number - where is it?

Hi there

just purchased BFD3 but I cant find the serial number?

should it be emailed to me?

I cannot see it in my BFD account and it doesn’t show in the InMusic account either?

Not sure what to do here?

I have emailed - that the purchase emails came from?

thanks for any advice

How long ago did you purchase it? Yes, you will receive an email with the serial #. Check your Spam folder.

When you do get it, you register it through the BFD License Manager, not on either website. When you enter it, a browser window will open to login to your InMusic account. Now it will show in your products on their site.

thanks for reply - purchased about 2 hrs ago

thought i should have received it straight away

maybe need to be patient…


Did you purchase it through them, or a third party? Did you check the spam folder?

purchased directly on BFD site

yes checked spam etc

I have received the other emails from them. ie receipt for order, link to manage order

just no serial number - i have installed the licence manager but need to add a serial number

Gotcha. It may just take some time. However, if you’re using an email client on your computer, you could also login to your email through a browser, just to confirm that it didn’t get stuck in spam there either. That’s happened to me with Plugin Alliance many times using a POP email address.

Welcome to the BFD family btw. I hope you have a smooth experience and enjoy the drums. I have some BFD3 tutorials saved from Groove3. They really cover the ins and outs of it. If you ever want to check them out, let me know and I’ll send you a link.


ill give it a bit longer