Bfd3 recording problem

Hi guys,

I’m new to BFD3, I wonder why there is a few second latency while I export the drum tracks using pro tools, can anyone help me?

Which version of Pro Tools? Is your playback buffer 1024 or greater?
Is delay compensation (ADC) turned on?
Are you triggering MIDI through PT, or in BFD3 groove editor?
Are you trying to export from PT, or BFD3?

I think I’m using the latest pro tools,
I just checked my buffer size is 1024, have my delay compensation ON.
I’m triggering midi through PT, using BFD3 as the instrument, and export from BFD3

You have Host Sync selected in Export settings? Any other plugins on your BFD3 track in PT? What, if any delay is being reported by PT?

I use PT, but haven’t tried exporting from BFD3. I normally will just bounce from PT, or print multi outputs from BFD.

I’ll take a look later when I’m at my main rig.

I just exported BFD3 audio, triggered from Pro Tools MIDI and the playback was immediate. I never do it this way and it worked first try, so something on your end and I’m not sure what.

Maybe an audio interface issue? Mine acts up and I have to power it off and on again. Could be PT as well. That thing does weird shit whenever it wants.