BFD3 Plugin not receiving Logic Pro MIDI after update to OSX 12.4

BFD Version: 3.4.4 build 31

OSX Version 12.4

Load plugin onto a track. Play controller or sequenced track data. Plugin does play audio and nothing appears in the BFD3 plugin MIDI Log window. However, clicking on the drum graphics (e.g. cymbals, toms, etc) does play sounds.

This behavior began with update to OSX 12.4 and installation of 3.4.4 build 31.

Note that the BFD3 Application behaves normally (i.e. responds to MIDI messages, etc) but plugin does not.

I have confirmed this by changing to different plugins on the same track in Logic. Other plugins play notes on the track or in response to MIDI controller note, but the BFD3 plugin does not respond.

Ahhh dang. I thought I had confirmed this, but I actually haven’t. I’ve got midi working just fine here on my M1 Macbook Pro running Logic in Rosetta on MacOS 12.4.

I am using an Intel Mac Pro. I had upgraded to to OSX 12.4. When I opened my project in Logic I got the notice that BFD was not authorized and logged into my account and the authorization seemed to work OK but that is when the plug-in began not responding to MIDI while the BFD3 app worked fine. So I then updated via the license manager to the latest 3.4.4 build but the problem persisted. After digging around on the forums I followed your instructions I found to remove everything, reinstalling the content, bfd, license manager including a system restart in between. But I got the same behavior. That’s when I posted the issue here to the forum.

If there are additional measures I should take, let me know.

I was able to resolve this issue. I had to reset my Logic Pro preferences. I’m not sure why this plugin was affected in this way. As mentioned, it coincided with the system update and BFD update. A perfect storm, I guess …

I am having this exact problem right effing now. I am really completely sick and tired of all of this BS.

What is the specific CAUSE and the specific fix for this problem? I do not want to have to delete/reset/reinstall things AGAIN AND AGAIN to solve issues like this, and I am fed up - FED UP with the ENDLESS and bizarre problems.

2017 5K iMac. Mac OS 12.6.4. Logic 10.7.7.

Is this a BFD bug, a Logic bug, unknown???


Thanks to bebopagogo’s mention of resetting their Logic preferences, I looked in the MIDI tab for preferences to toggle to see if anything helps. Yes, MIDI 2.0 on/off is the source of the problem here. When MIDI 2.0 is enabled, BFD does NOT respond to MIDI. Is this a BFD issue or an Apple issue?

Plugins just respond to whatever the host sends them, BFD and all your other plugins have zero idea about this midi 2.0 preference. This is an Apple/Logic issue.

I’ve been using 3rd-party plugins for weeks without a problem. BFD3 is the only plugin that has had a problem with the MIDI 2.0 setting being turned on. Consult Apple about this.