BFD3 not loading a preset

I added BFD3 to my project. It opened up. I tried to assign one of my Presets. It shows up with no sound. My samples are on an external drive “Files”/ Folder: Samples / Folder: BFD AUDIO CONTENT. This is how I’ve done it forever. Now, for some reason, it doesn’t load. I’ve gone to Setup content locations and typed the path in. Still nothing. In fact, in the screen shot, you can see it is still looking at Users/lanceabair/Documents/BFD Drums/etc. I am buffaloed, There has to be something basic that my aged mind is not grasping here.

Remove all content paths and rescan the current location for your Parent folder containing BFD content.

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Hey @midilance

you need to have Kit selected in the browser to load the kit


Fender Bender. I just moved all my sample libraries onto a new 4 TB SSD. In BFD3 I went to content locations and removed all content paths and rescanned everything. I am unable to assign a preset to BFD3. I haven’t a clue of what to do now.

What happens exactly when you try to load a preset (post a screenshot)? Make sure you have Kit, Mix, Grv and Key active for Preset load (blue), as JoeFace explained in the reply above.

Try scanning All Content paths again… that will scan your User content paths where your presets are likely stored.