BFD3 not appearing as Plug-In for Pro Tools Intro or Garage Band (Mac)

Hi -

BFD3 is not appearing as an available Plug-In for either of the DAWs on my computer.

Computer: MacBook Pro, 13-inch, M2, 2022
OSX: Ventura 13.3
BFD3: 3.4.4 build 31 64-bit

I’m most concerned with Pro Tools, as that’s where I’d like BFD3 to work. When I launch Pro Tools (Intro on this computer), I do not see BFD3 show up as an instrument inserts. This is the same if it’s a mono or stereo track.

When I open a Pro Tools session I made on another computer that has BFD as a track, I get an error message as the session opens that says

I’ve checked that language online and don’t see it appear in any Google searches.

I tried Garage Band to see if this was just a Pro Tools problem. Garage Band does not include BFD3 as a possible “Audio Unit” to load.

Under MacHD > Library > Audio > Plug-Ins > Components, I do see BFD3.component

Under /Library/Application Support/Avid/Audio/Plug-Ins I do see BFD3.aaxplugn, but it shows up as a folder, not an icon.

Finally, I have reinstalled BFD3 and the problem persists. I have also trashed Pro Tools and BFD preferences and restarted the computer; no luck.

Any help?

BFD3 is not yet compatible with M1 Native. You’ll have to run Pro Tools in Rosetta mode to get BFD3 to work.

We are releasing an M1 compatible build very soon (next day or two) but it will only support Audiounit and VST2 initially, so Pro Tools situation will not change, but it’s one of the very next things we’re working on for BFD3.

I appreciate the quick response. I’ll try the Rosetta approach.