BFD3 mixer not working

Hello everyone. Hope you’re all well.

I’m new to BFD3. I’ve been working on this all afternoon and have finally given up. I took a drum kit that came with BFD3, modified it (changing dampening settings etc) and added a couple of extra kit bits. This was then saved as a new kit. I moved to the groove editor and played in a basic 4/4 via an Akai MPD218. So far, so good. I called up the mixer and tried to balance the levels of the drum sounds (bass, snare and ride) but the faders do nothing at all. I’ve tried to find out if there’s some kind of fixed velocity setting but can find no info. The manual’s not great for troubleshooting. If I load in a preset the mixer works fine.

Can anybody help?

Thank you.


You could try uploading the preset here to see if others experience the same thing and can get to the bottom of it.


I believe saved kits only retain the kit pieces themselves, but not mixer, tech/model settings? You have to save as a full Preset. Not your entire problem, but thought I’d mention it. As Steve said, upload the file so we can test it out.

Good mornin’, Steve and Fender_Bender.

Thank you for your replies. I thought I’d have another look at it with a fresh head before replying. And, guess what, I’ve made a stupid beginners error: The ambient channel on the kit I modified was so loud that turning down the individual parts made little-to-no difference. So I’ve turned down the ambient channel somewhat and the individual drums are under control now. Thanks again for your help.