BFD3 Migration and Access to Terminal in OS X

Long time user of BFD and just migrated over from Fxpansion to InMusic. Once I worked through all the nonsense I launched BFD3.4 and received a message about copying Fxpansion files (or something like that). Anyway I agreed and another window popped up asking for access to Terminal (I’m on a Mac, OS X).

Why does InMusic need access to Terminal? Like the absent-minded dope that I am I clicked “Okay” and now I’m worried. I’ve never seen this before in music software (DAW, plugins, etc.).

It’s authentication to give BFD temporary elevated permissions so that it can copy files from one system folder (FXpansion) to another (BFD Drums) - nothing to worry about and once it is done, BFD will revert back to default user permissions on the next launch.

Excellent! Thank you