BFD3 keyboard shortcuts are underrated

I never bothered to set up shortcuts because I normally would use BFD3 in my DAW and they would obviously conflict, but I find myself using standalone more and more to quickly work on kits and I have finally set up a good chunk of shortcuts.

Totally helps speed up your workflow in whatever area of BFD3 you’re working in. It’s totally worth it just for the ability to bring up the save preset dialog box. As I’m putting a kit together, I find myself saving a preset constantly to save my arse, for when BFD3 decides to have an off day. I kinda wish there was a shortcut for saving grooves as well.

Being able to switch from kit, effects, groove editor and key map views fast is also really handy. Select, copy, pasting and switching tools in the groove editor is great for when working on grooves. Tech, modeling, preferences… it’s nice to quickly get to these.

Anyways, rant over. Just wanted to say that if you haven’t yet explored using shortcuts, you should and you’ll be glad you did. You just have to remember to de-select shortcuts in prefs when working in your DAW.


I didn’t know there were shortcuts.

Yeah man. Preferences, GUI, at the bottom. There’s a global on/off button, which makes it simple to deactivate when using your DAW… just have to remember to turn it off.

If you do decide to check it out, I suggest giving it some good thought as to what you choose for keys. Even in BFD3, you may want to use the typical shortcut keys, a, c, v, x, z, etc, a couple times, so you’d need a modifier key with it. Just stuff like that, so as to make your workflow better. It took me a bit of trial and error to settle on things. I actually just changed one because it was conflicting with something else.

Basically, whatever parts of BFD3 you’re going to use the most, make sure your sc keys make the most sense to you.